About us

Our story

The history of KYFO begins in 2013, when two young people (17 and 21) decided to get married. We started working together in an international company. In 7 years we were able to visit world exhibitions, travel around many countries, meet hundreds of interesting entrepreneurs. At the same time, we've gone through a difficult path of family and couple relationships.During this time we got two great children - Christian and Camilla.

At the end of 2020, during the global crisis, our family also experienced the worst crisis of all these years and was on the verge of divorce. Children helped us find a way to each other and work experience gave an impulse to open our own business - to sew sportswear. We immediately started to receive orders, hired experienced staff and started to take first steps in this field, using our 7 year experience in a wholesale company.


Our philosophy

The name came right away. As we realized that we made the decision to keep the family, to rebuild our relationship, to trust and to love again.

KYFO - keep yourself for One. One family, One Love.

Family is the most valuable thing. It is a place where we will be accepted as we are. Where we always are welcomed. Family is happiness. Keeping yourself for one is our value! And we believe that these 4 letters will inspire someone else to preserve that small world we are building ourselves and will become a worthy example for our children.