Long sleeve

Long sleeve from KYFO WEAR will become your next best friend as it is so amazing to wear! You feel so free in it and its relaxed fit makes you want to move and enjoy life!

Long sleeve for women is designed for all body types.

It perfectly fits for go-to travel, airport, running around, freelancing or work from home, quickly going to local groceries or taking kids to school, and even - I’m lazy to take shower mode.

We use only premium quality fabrics that we tested ourselves - 70% cotton and 30% poliester as it is the best ratio for this combination. All garments are HANDMADE especially for you by our professional seamstress.

The amazing coloring of our Long sleeve will make you feel unique and outstanding.

What you will get?

- One Long sleeve

One SIZE fits most. Can be made in ALL SIZES.

We DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA MONEY for custom made items as our main focus is that our Long sleeve "sits" perfectly on you

If you have any other specific requirements, do not hesitate to CONTACT ME!

All you need to do is send me your measurements - your waist, hips, and height.

How to get an accurate measurement:

• CHEST: the circumference, measure the fullest part of your chest ( bra included ) (cm/inches)
• WAIST: the natural waistline, above your belly button, below the rib (cm/inches)
• HIPS: the largest part of your hips (cm/inches)
• SHOULDER TO SHOULDER MEASUREMENT: This can be done by measuring the distance between the outer shoulder seam (where the sleeves connect) on a fitted, non-stretchy shirt.
This does not include the outer side of the sleeves. ( cm / inches )
• UPPER ARM: the widest part of your upper arm (cm/inches)
• ARM LENGTH: from the shoulder tip to your wrist (cm/inches)
*Additionally, please let me know your Total Height.
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