Suit Travel OverSize

Suit Travel OverSize

We use only premium quality fabrics that we tested ourselves - 80% cotton and 20% polyester as it is the best ratio for this combination.

Hoodie: Oversize

It perfectly fits for go-to travel, airport, running around, working from home, quickly going to local groceries or taking kids to school, and even - I’m lazy to take shower mode.

The inner pile is not treated with chemical substances. You are wearing an 80% organic product, so:

a) when you wear it over a T-shirt (or something else under a hoodie), due to the friction of the two materials, the cotton pile may stick to another fabric;
b) natural cotton needs washing in order to tighten it. Without washing, static cling occurs.

After each wash, the static cling will decrease, and soon it will disappear completely.
Don't worry; it is a standard feature of footer fabric. And it does not affect the quality of the material in any way.
We highly recommend combing the pile with a clothes brush to keep it looking neat, so it would not confuse you.

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