Suit Travel OverSize

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Suit Travel OverSize

Fabric: 80% cotton and 20% polyester
Knit: 3-x thread with insulation, premium knit fabric
Fabric density: 340g/m2

Hoodie: oversize
Pants: high rise

Advantages of knitted fabric quality:

• softness and silkiness - the fabric is made of the longest cotton fibers
• does not peel (does not form coils)
Be sure that after washing and wearing, the product will retain its original appearance and no coils!
• reduced “creasing” - due to the additional treatment of the knitted fabric, the product wrinkles less and saves time for ironing
• resistant to abrasion and shrinkage. This fabric practically does not shrink
• the fabric perfectly holds its shape and drapes, and also has a persistent and bright color

Fabric production country: Turkey

Country of production of clothes: Latvia

Suitable for traveling, working from home, freelancing, traveling, walking, walking to the store, relaxing, spending time with family.

Hoodies go perfectly with jeans, shorts, leggings, sweatpants.


The inner pile is not treated with chemical substances. You are wearing an 80% organic product, so:

a) when you wear it over a T-shirt (or something else under a hoodie), due to the friction of the two materials, the cotton pile may stick to another fabric;
b) natural cotton needs washing in order to tighten it. Without washing, static cling occurs.

After each wash, the static cling will decrease, and soon it will disappear completely.
Don't worry; it is a standard feature of footer fabric. And it does not affect the quality of the material in any way.
We highly recommend combing the pile with a clothes brush to keep it looking neat, so it would not confuse you.

If the size does not fit, we guarantee a free exchange at our expense.*

We guarantee to redo or exchange at our expense if:
 • Due to our error, you received the wrong size and the item is in new/unused condition.
 • The item was found to be defective and the item is in new/unworn condition.

We also provide a paid product correction service, for example, if:
 • You want to change the size/length/width of the item;
 • The product is damaged, dirty, etc. due to your fault.

Product sizing
Hoodie sizes:
  • S - Width: 62,5 cm
  • M - Width: 64,5 cm
  • L - Width: 66,5 cm
  • XL - Width: 68,5 cm

Sizes by height:
  • I height - 155-164 cm
Hoodie length: 67,5 cm
Sleeve length: 48,5 cm
  • II height - 165-175 cm
Hoodie length: 70,5cm
Sleeve length: 55 cm
  • III height - 177-188 cm
Hoodie length: 73,5 cm
Sleeve length: 61,5 cm
  • IV height - 189-196 cm
Hoodie length: 76,5 cm
Sleeve length: 68 cm

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